TMAC’S Virtual MSL Hub

TMAC is a virtually adept organization as we have been interviewing, training, and deploying field medical teams that have been engaging with their customers for over two decades.

COVID-19 ushered in a new era in virtual medical affairs. Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) were asked to pivot overnight to restricted travel and virtual interactions. While no one knows what the “new normal” looks like, surveys tell us that virtual interactions as part of the MSL role are here to stay. We believe that the execution of a successful virtual strategy is important for your company, regardless of the platform.

The diagram below outlines our virtual engagement expertise that we can customize for your company to meet your needs in this “new normal.”

TMAC continues to build fit-for-purpose teams for our clients, including those designed with virtual engagement flexibility.  We provide teams that deliver on-demand, reactive and proactive communications to meet your specific needs.  We have built field medical positions that operate 100% virtually to 100% face to face and every combination in between.

One Strategic Partnership. Many Solutions.