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As an executive recruiter, I have a very interesting vantage point from which to observe an interview process. I intimately see both sides and the emotions each experience. I’ve noticed something that is consistent in candidate behavior, and I wanted to share it with those who are in a position to hire. As time passes […]

My name is Michael Pietrack, and I head up an Executive Search Firm called TMAC Direct. We specialize in field medical affairs and physician recruitment in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Today I’m sharing some hiring advice. An interview is a very unusual situation. Both the candidate and the company have to play the part of buyer […]

Imagine a family of five driving along in a minivan and it’s time for dinner. The family has been out all day, so nothing has been prepared at home. The question gets posed, “Where does everyone want to eat?” The Dad is thinking that the steakhouse sounds good, yet the Mom wants to go to the new build […]

The Cost of Going Back to Square One People develop opinions about companies in a few ways. Sometimes their opinion is developed through being a customer or a vendor. Other times it is based on the advertising messages they see or hear word of mouth. I want to discuss another way perceptions about companies are […]

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