Global Clinical Trial Liaisons CTLs

TMAC’s global Clinical Trial Liaisons (CTLs) are often PharmDs, PhDs, MDs and NPs and can be engaged throughout the life of a clinical trial, providing such services as scientific background, disease education, research rationale, protocol inclusion/exclusion criteria and pipeline support. CTLs may be involved in the identification and evaluation of trial sites and provide insight to the study teams on best practices for the identification and recruitment of trial subjects.

CTLs often work closely with the investigators, clinical research associates, and other study team personnel conducting the trials to ensure that they possess a thorough understanding of eligibility criteria and all relevant protocols and procedures. They may also be called upon to engage in peer-to-peer discussions with investigators and researchers about trial data and results.

TMAC CTLs can:

  • Educate Investigators and site staff on clinical trials and their protocols
  • Train Investigators and site staff on administration of the investigational product
  • Accelerate enrollment of patients through referrals and awareness initiatives
  • Attend Investigator meetings to provide education and/or training
  • Identify new sites for consideration

TMAC CTLs are fully salaried and benefitted employees of TMAC and are 100% allocated to the clients they are hired to work on behalf of.  TMAC’s flexible model provides its clients with multiple hiring options; including internalization of all or some of the field medical team resources at the conclusion of the program.

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