Candidate Resources

One luxury I have as an executive recruiter is that I get to interact with some world-class communicators. I have truly benefited by hearing how these exceptional people express their ideas. I’ve noticed that the best communicators have a disarming way of asking tough questions. They have an artful way of prefacing their questions so […]

As an executive recruiter specializing in Field Medical Affairs, you can imagine how often I am approached by aspiring Medical Science Liaisons as they attempt to break into the MSL role. Though the frequency is very high, I encourage every emerging MSL to make an introduction to our firm, and I truly wish I could […]

As an executive recruiter, I get posed a myriad of questions by candidates. One of the more common lines of questioning is centered on how to get into management from an individual contributor role. The typical conversation goes like this: Me: “Well, Mr/Mrs Candidate, I have a great understanding of your background. What about your […]

Most would agree that making a job change is a big decision.  Should such a big decision be made solely on “gut?”  Is there a methodology we can employ to help us analyze if our pain points and whether another opportunity is any relief for that pain? Allow me to introduce the CLAMPS Model.  The […]

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