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In the interview setting, a candidate can actually have too much of a good thing.  What do I mean? Well, there are qualities that most people would classify as a good quality, but if a candidate interviewing for a job has too much of that quality, it can work against them.  I wanted to highlight two […]

Here’s a question: What is the proper thing to do following an interview in regards to thank-you notes? I’m convinced that thank-you follow-up correspondence is critical, but I must say I don’t think it gets you the job. Although this alone won’t get you the job, this alone can certainly cost you the job. I want […]

Transitioning into a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role from a clinical, academic, or in some cases, another industry position is a challenge. In fact, it’s a real Catch-22!  You’ve probably already asked yourself: “How do I gain MSL experience if no one will hire me as a MSL”?  Over the past 20 years, The Medical Affairs Company (TMAC) has been well known for “launching” MSL careers. But the competition and requirements for these MSL jobs continue to get stiffer and stiffer.  So how do you open the door? There is no panacea; the short answer is: timing and the correct skill sets… 

In previous articles, I’ve addressed three-of-the-four assessment areas companies use in evaluating hires.  As a review, the previous areas are Motivational Fit, Functional Fit, and Cultural Fit.  The fourth element is Logistical Fit. A person can “fit” in every other way but then the whole thing can blow up purely based on logistical issues.  Logistical […]

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