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Transitioning into a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role from a clinical, academic, or in some cases, another industry position is a challenge. In fact, it’s a real Catch-22!  You’ve probably already asked yourself: “How do I gain MSL experience if no one will hire me as a MSL”?  Over the past 20 years, The Medical Affairs Company (TMAC) has been well known for “launching” MSL careers. But the competition and requirements for these MSL jobs continue to get stiffer and stiffer.  So how do you open the door? There is no panacea; the short answer is: timing and the correct skill sets… 

The Pivotal Step to Becoming a Medical Science Liaison The Medical Affairs Company Well into its fourth decade of existence, the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role continues to serve as the foundation of a successful pharmaceutical company’s strategic plan, fostering the exchange of scientifically robust, accurate and compliant communications through credible peer-to-peer exchange. Highly knowledgeable […]

The composition of liaison teams today is varied and replete with broad talent and skill sets that provide corporate customers with the best of all qualifications…or do they? As a community, team management has gone through years of defining and redefining core requirements for a liaison, particularly around whether or not a terminal degree is […]

I don’t think a week passes without an emerging MSL candidate asking me the question: “but how do I get MSL experience if no one will give me a chance to be a MSL?”  If I had the answer, I’d be very popular!  I’ve seen field medical teams, and the criteria needed to successfully land […]

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