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In an interview setting, everything you say can be (and often is) used against you. There are common words and phrases that we all use that just land wrong in an interview setting because they elicit a negative feeling. Here is a list of four to consider eliminating from your interviewing vernacular: No: If I’m […]

As an executive recruiter, I’ve been able to observe the many different ways candidates handle receiving job offers. As different as everyone’s reactions may be, I’ve recognized that deep down most candidates feel they should at least try to negotiate. I sense that most people want to avoid feeling like they left money on the […]

As an executive recruiter, I recognize that some candidates will tell me what they think I want to hear. For the most part, I give people the benefit of the doubt that they are being truthful, although there is one statement that candidates say that I no longer allow myself fully believe, “Money is not that important.” I used […]

As a recruiter in the Pharmaceutical Industry, one of the most frequent phrases I hear is, “I’m not interested in making a lateral move.” Sometimes I hear that someone would only make a job change for a certain level position or a certain title. I understand the spirit behind these comments because we all want […]

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