Managed Care Liaisons MCLs

Managed Care Liaisons MCLs/Health Economics & Outcomes Researchers HEORs

TMAC provides its clients with a range of field medical managed care roles including Managed Care Liaisons (MCLs) and Health Economics and Outcomes Researchers (HEORs).  These roles are typically employed with PharmDs, PhDs and MDs who may additionally possess a Masters of Public Health or Business Administration degree.

TMAC MCLs work to ensure that payers and insurance companies understand the value proposition, clinical differentiators, safety and efficacy of the client’s products and devices by presenting relevant formulary information, pharmacoeconomics and clinical data.

TMAC MCLs are trained to educate payers on the value proposition of the client’s products and/or devices such as the following:

  • Does the product’s clinical profile, safety and efficacy outweigh the cost differential compared to older products?
  • Why should an insurance company and plan cover this product?
  • What outcomes do the patient and the payer receive?
  • Does the client’s product provide a health benefit that similar products do not?
  • Is it safer than similar treatment options?
  • Does it act faster than other products?

TMAC MCLs are fully salaried and benefitted employees of TMAC and are 100% allocated to the clients they are hired to work on behalf of.  TMAC’s flexible model provides its clients with multiple hiring options; including internalization of all or some of the field medical team resources at the conclusion of the program.

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