Company Background

Leading Medical Affairs Solutions for Over Two Decades

Realizing that clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and device industries face unique challenges in building out medical affairs functions was the reason The Medical Affairs Company (TMAC) was created. TMAC was the collective creation of 5 principles who had worked together for over 10 years providing the industry’s first Contract Medical Science Liaison (MSL) teams and contract Medical Information Call Center services. These leaders had spent time in industry, and they saw the need to provide clients with a model that reduces risk and financial burden while optimizing their resources to build internal medical affairs capabilities. 

Since its beginning in 2007, TMAC’s successful partnership has spanned very small to large companies; from first product to market to portfolio expansions and additional indications; from very small teams to teams of over 50 professionals; from US-based to global teams. We have added services to meet our clients’ specific needs as they have evolved and our industry has grown, including keeping up to date with constantly changing technology and digital marketing advances. 

TMAC founders David Hahn, Kyle Kennedy, Beth Price and Jennifer King remain in place as part of the Executive Management Team at TMAC. They are joined by a Management Team of talented professionals who implement TMAC services and oversee TMAC’s departments providing unmatched solutions to our partner companies. TMAC has its headquarters in Kennesaw, Georgia, just North of Atlanta. TMAC’s Program Directors are regionally located throughout the country.

TMAC was acquired by Parexel International in 2017, helping to broaden our global footprint and providing more options to meet our clients’ growing needs. TMAC remains an independent operating unit within the Parexel family and we have continued our commitment to long-lasting partnerships that are client focused, customized, flexible and cost-effective.

One Strategic Partnership. Many Solutions.