TMAC’s Call Center Services provide compliant medical information services to communicate essential product information through a highly qualified staff comprised of experienced healthcare professionals (HCPs) with proficiency in the areas of drug/device information and product safety. These HCPs are further assisted by a team of experienced support personnel who coordinate initial intake and triaging of calls to ensure efficient and expedient client service.

Our Medical Information Call Center Service is capable of handling very small to high call volumes and can adapt quickly to fluctuations in the number of calls to ensure adequate coverage. TMAC provides live service during standard business hours, as well as after-hours options.

TMAC’s secure database is designed for handling all Medical Information and Drug Safety functions. TMAC’s Medical Information Specialists (MISs) can efficiently record requests for information and accurately report on all necessary activity.

The TMAC Medical Information Specialists are expertly skilled and trained to identify and appropriately process and document potential Adverse Events (AEs) and Product Quality Complaints (PQCs). Our services are customizable and can include collection of basic information and transferring the case to the client or third party for full processing; or alternatively, TMAC can provide full processing of PQCs (collect data, facilitate sample return, communicate case closure info) and AEs (submit Individual Case Safety Reports to the FDA) on behalf of our clients.

By partnering with TMAC, clients can be assured that all medical/product responses and communications with customers are based on a thorough digest and understanding of the products we support and importantly, are delivered with the highest sense of customer service and care. Medical Call Center Services from TMAC: The Medical Affairs Company

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