TMAC Advisors seeks to identify hurdles and barriers that have the potential to plague your organization and result in costly decisions, delays, or strategic misalignment of resources.



TMAC Advisors™, the consulting arm of TMAC, is lead by Norm Enriquez, PharmD, and consists of a cadre of recognized medical affairs leaders who have had substantial success as executives at large and small biotechnology companies. TMAC Advisors possess extensive medical affairs expertise enabling them to create customized, innovative solutions for your project-specific needs.


Companies who utilize the services of TMAC Advisors benefit by partnering with a team who understands the value of Medical Affairs as part of a broader corporate matrix, shares your concern for budget and time limitations, and is mindful of compliance principles that are always in the backdrop of what we do.



TMAC Advisors can help you create optimal value for your medical teams by:


Providing Analysis, Strategy & Guidance

  • Pre- and post-launch medical platform development
  • Publication plans and medical congress strategies
  • Medical team deployment options


Assisting with Lifecycle Management

  • Medical Director-led study design and oversight
  • Phase IV & IIS design, alignment and review
  • Payer engagement strategy


Providing Compliance Support & Oversight

  • Medical, regulatory and promotional review
  • Compliance manuals and scientific exchange principles
  • SOP development to guide operational aspects


Developing Scientific & Skill Set Training

  • Medical content development
  • Skill set enhancement
  • Ongoing tracking and certification


Generating Tactical Plans & Reporting Packages That Highlight Value

  • Capacity models
  • Plan of action (POA) and metrics
  • Key Performance Indicators
One Strategic Partnership. Many Solutions.