Medical Communications


To discuss services for your business, please contact Beth Price at or 678-581-4445.

Medical Communications Support

TMAC provides personalized, compliant solutions to enhance our clients’ reputation for outstanding customer service. We ensure that all medical/product responses and communications with customers are based on a thorough digest and understanding of the products we support and importantly, are delivered with the highest sense of customer service and care. TMAC’s model is extremely flexible and scalable, providing clients with multiple options including the utilization of TMAC as its entire Medical Communications Department or the utilization of select services from our core capabilities. Our offerings include:

Medical Information Call Center Services:  Medical Inquiry Handling and ADE/PC Handling & Reporting

Medical Writing & Informatics

Medical Meeting/Medical Congress Support

MSL Support/Literature Retrieval

  • Identification of hot topics & article summaries
  • Document Retrieval
  • Copyright Clearance Management

i-MSL™ Support

  • Virtual Medical Communications
  • Compliant responses
  • Live, scheduled support