Management & Training

TMAC has a tenured team of regionally-based Program Directors and Managers who are thoughtfully allocated to provide the necessary operational and administrative oversight requested by our clients. These Directors have managed science-based field medical programs on the client or contract medical affairs side, spanning a variety of multi-therapeutic and disciplinary roles. The assigned Director serves as the key field medical lead on behalf of our clients, or alternatively, integrates seamlessly with a client’s internal team of medical affairs resources.

These Program Directors and Managers are full-time employees of TMAC and can immediately be assigned to seamlessly support clients’ needs to:

  • Engage immediately with client on program strategy and objectives
  • Recruit field medical personnel, working with TMAC’s Talent Acquisition Team
  • Develop and facilitate field medical training programs
  • Manage field medical team activities
  • Consistently communicate with client
  • Oversee team administrative functions

TMAC’s Program Directors are committed to hiring, training, deploying and managing field medical teams that achieve the client’s distinct corporate and field medical objectives, all the while ensuring professionalism, compliance and integrity.

TMAC’s Program Directors develop and facilitate initial and ongoing field medical training programs that are highly customized and designed to provide our contract MSL, CTL, CS, MCL and CNE teams with core competency, technical, compliance, and soft skills, as well as administrative support.  TMAC utilizes a learning management system along with other training technologies that enable our Program Directors and clients to ensure that their field medical personnel timely digest and clearly understand training content that may include testing assessments.

The TMAC Director(s) assigned to manage a field medical team immediately collaborates with the client to identify available resources that can be utilized for both home-study and live training curriculums. Content can span:

  • Disease state and product(s) training
  • Communication and customer engagement strategies
  • Competitive Intelligence and market overview
  • Managed markets review/payer strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management and technology resource training
  • Administrative and operations; e.g. expense reporting, credentialing support and HCP spend reports

TMAC’s consulting division, TMAC Advisors can further enhance and support our client’s training needs by developing additional training tools and resources spanning technical, field effectiveness and compliance training deliverables.

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